Our cover options to suit your needs and budget.
With HIF Pet, you can select from three different levels of cover.

  • Basic:
    This policy provides cover for specified accidental injuries, ingestion of foreign objects, poisoning, toxicity and treatment of paralysis tick and snake bites.
    Please refer to the relevant section of your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for a complete list of conditions covered under this policy.
  • Middle:
    Covers all conditions under Basic Cover, plus specified illnesses such as cancer treatments, joint luxations/dysplasia’s, intervertebral disk disease (IVDD) and some developmental problems.
    Please refer to the relevant section of your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for a complete list of conditions covered under this policy. 
  • Top:
    Our most comprehensive cover. This policy includes eligible vet expenses for your pet suffering any illness or specified accidental injury covered by the policy. 
    You also have the option of selecting the Dental Illness option.

For full details on inclusions, exclusions, waiting periods and other important information,
please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement

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Got a VIP (Very Important Pet)? 

All of our furry friends are VIPs (Very Important Pets).

We lavish them with love and gifts, but many of us overlook essential health cover; and that’s surprising when the cost of vet treatment has risen much faster than inflation for decades, especially when you consider:

  • One in four dogs will contract cancer and one in five will get osteoarthritis
  • Snake bites can cost up to $10,000 to treat
  • Fractures can cost up to $13,000 to fix
  • Gastrointestinal problems can cost up to $14,000 to treat
  • A simple dental clean under anaesthesia can cost up to $400

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For full details on inclusions, exclusions, waiting periods and other important information, please refer to the PDS.

Data extracted from Pet Insurance Underwriting Company claims data 2017.

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Impawtant note.

Got a fur-kid in their twilight years? Our Basic Cover policy insures cats and dogs of any age. For our Middle and Top Cover options, your pet must be between 8 weeks and 9 years old in order to be eligible for cover. Once insured though, they can remain on their policy for life^ provided you continuously maintain the cover. 


Pet insurance testimonial

Duncan Atack

"We have five cats and a dog, and they all have pet insurance - we wouldn't be without it! We've used all our policies multiple times, saving ourselves thousands in the process. One cat fractured her paw, another has a recurring UTI, and another needed to have a kidney removed at the after-hours vet clinic. The kidney surgery alone would've cost us $9,000 if we hadn't had insurance! We also have a puppy with gastrointestinal issues and we've already claimed $2,000 back in benefits after only having her policy for a few months. Our pet insurance has proved to be worth it's weight in gold!" - Duncan from WA 2019.

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