We recently asked our Members, "Why is health insurance important to you?". Here's what they told us...

"We were just your normal, healthy, fit and busy West Australian family of Mum, dad and 3 sons struggling to pay our HIF premiums for another 12 months, and wondering if only being in our thirties if it was really worth it; when our life changed. My fit and healthy husband at aged 35 years, out of the blue, was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer, and underwent surgery and then 4 months of extensive chemotherapy in which he was hospitalised for. It was such an emotionally and financially demanding time and we were so thankful that HIF was with us every step of the way. HIF enabled us to have a choice of Surgeon, Oncologist, Neurosurgeon, and hospital. My husband was able to begin his chemotherapy almost 6 weeks earlier because of our HIF insurance. We are a great testimony as to why all West Australian families should prioritise health insurance. There is no way we could've financially paid the $150,000 plus so far out of our own pocket for my husbands ongoing medical needs. I now feel health insurance is definitely a priority no matter how old you are." - Sharon and Glenn, HIF Members since 2010. 

"It is not just important to me, but essential.  The public health system does not inspire confidence in being attended to quickly, especially with non life threatening illness that may still be impacting severely on my health and lifestyle.  I like having a choice of medical specialists and  hospitals, with the knowledge that I can have health issues attended to reasonably quickly. If a medical specialist tells me I need an urgent procedure, I want to have the confidence of knowing who that specialist is and what experience that specialist has in giving advice and undertaking procedures. For instance I don't want to be lining up for months for procedures such as fairly urgent heart bypass as a friend has been on the public health system or for procedures such as a hip replacement, again as another friend has been waiting. Health insurance is becoming more and more expensive, and difficult for retirees such as me to pay for.  But I still regard it as a vital feature in my budget."Michael, HIF Member since 1984.

Health insurance has been a blessing to myself and my husband, more so since 2001, when my husband was diagnosed with a second bout of cancer. Since then he has had 5 further cancer diagnosis, all serious, but having the ability to chose our doctors, professors and surgeons, due to private insurance, has made this journey easy for us and we believe contributes to reasons he is still with us today. We retired early due to his cancer and the ability to nurse him has been my pleasure."- Russell and Toni, HIF Members since 2000. 

"It gives me the flexibility to choose the type of health care I need. I have always said, it amazes me that people insure their cars, house and pets, but fail to insure themselves. The most important person is,  ME." - Henry, HIF Member since 1976. 

"My health insurance is important to me.  When I needed a total knee replacement I was treated within 3 weeks instead of waiting on the public system for perhaps years. I have now had 2 total knee replacements as well as other procedures and am happy with the outcome. I have been a member of your fund since 1954 under my parents membership of Govt employees health fund.  I then joined when I started work in 1964.  My husband joined with me around 1967 and we have had continuous cover all these years.  My maiden name was Robertson  and my father was Thomas Robertson. Perhaps I am one of the longest members that you have with your fund?" - Carol, HIF Member since 1976. 

"Health insurance is important to me because it protects me financially in the event of an unexpected serious illness or injury that could be very expensive. In addition, I am more likely to get routine and preventive care with health insurance for example, visiting the dentist regularly." - Melody, HIF Member since 2016. 

"Any insurance protects one against not having the funds readily available to be able to deal with unexpected adverse events, many of which are costly and potentially painful or disastrous if not rectified. Health insurance is no different. Being admitted to a private hospital or having urgent dental work done, for example, could leave a person considerably out of pocket or - worse still - unable to proceed with treatment because of the cost, having to go onto the public hospital waiting list or remain in pain while trying to come up with a financial solution. Health insurance buys me peace of mind that my most important asset - my good health - is maintained when necessary in an affordable manner for a reasonable financial outlay per annum." - Victoria, HIF Member since 2010. 

"It's simple really... I never expected ALL my 3 children would need braces on their teeth, but they did. This year our family is about to go through its third set of braces. We are soooo glad we joined HIF as their insurance for orthodontic work is the absolute best product out there.  The other ancillary benefits are a wonderful bonus. Thanks heaps HIF... we always recommend you to other parents." - Simon, HIF Member since 2013. 

"My health insurance is important to me because I play a lot of sport including ice hockey and workout at the gym quite often. Regular massage and Physio is important for my recovery, any nuisance twinges and aches so I’m able to perform at my peak! No idea what I did without having health insurance." - Shanni, HIF Member since 2014. 

"Health insurance is so important to me because it provides me with much needed support, encouragement and help to live a health and happy lifestyle. It provides the peace of mind needed in cases of unexpected emergencies and it provides a wide range of extras that are unique to my needs. It helps me save on my tax. It ensures that I receive good medical services and attention it assists with not having to wait long waiting lists. Choice of doctors and flexibility. It helps me live a healthy life by ensuring I can have access to optical treatment, dental treatment, hospital care, physiotherapy, podiatry treatment and access to pharmaceutical and remedial therapies all important to my well-being. It has helped me lose weight it has made me feel happy about myself. It has given me all the tools necessary to prioritise my health. I enjoy receiving newsletters that help me eat well with new recipes and the additional member benefits have been very useful. " - Jack, HIF Member since 2017. 

"To know that if my family requires medical assistance, from emergency hospital procedures to getting a crick in the neck fixed, we have some financial support. I feel better having a network of support around me and HIF is part of that network." Fiona, HIF Member since 2015.

"Peace of mind that if a medical intervention is required then it can be dealt with fast and efficiently in the private system."Terence, HIF Member since 1976. 


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