How long will my claim take?

We understand that as a result of your incident you might already be out of pocket, so we try and process claims as quickly as possible. You will hear from us within 10 working days from the time we receive your claim.

Other important info.

Got an emergency claim? Call our 24/7 hotline.

All policyholders have access to an emergency assistance team of doctors, nurses, travel agents and case managers who are contactable 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our emergency assistance team provide the following services to all policyholders: 

  • Assistance in accessing medical treatment and care whilst away: Our team of doctors, nurses and case managers will assist you to find the appropriate medical facilities and then monitor your medical care.
  • Payment of bills: Falling ill overseas can be very expensive so those larger bills can be paid by us directly to the hospital if your claim is approved.
  • Bringing you home: Our team can decide if and when it is medically appropriate to bring you home and will coordinate the entire exercise.
  • Assistance when passports, travel documents or credit cards are lost: We can help contact travel providers who issued the documents, the card issuer and also help you to locate the closest Australian Embassy.
  • Help to change travel plans as a result of an emergency: If your travel agent is not available to assist with rescheduling in an emergency situation, our team can help.

Emergency assistance numbers.
When you call, please have your travel insurance policy number handy, plus a phone number to call you back on.

  • New Zealand: 0800 306 271
  • UK: 0808 234 2598
  • USA: 1844 829 2174
  • Canada: 1844 829 2174
  • From all other countries: +61 (0) 2 8907 5690

Please note: Charges may apply if calling from a pay phone or mobile phone, and certain services are subject to a claim being accepted under your policy.

Non-emergencies: Making a claim before, during or after your trip

Reassuring as our emergency assistance and hotline are, our commitment to you extends beyond your time away from home. We’re here to make claiming on your travel insurance as easy and stress-free as possible, before, during or after your trip. Here’s what you have to do.

Claim online: Submitting your claim online will ensure you get the fastest response. The system will prompt you to upload reports, receipts and other supporting documentation. Make an online claim now.

Claim by mail: Simply download a travel insurance claim form, complete the relevant fields and attach all supporting receipts and other documents (remember - we require originals, so please make copies of these documents before posting the originals in). Then post your completed claim form to:
HIF Travel Insurance Team, c/o Cover-More Travel Insurance, Private Bag 913, North Sydney, NSW 2059, Australia.

Important, please note:

  • The loss or theft of luggage, personal effects, travel documents or money must be reported within 7 days to the police or responsible transport provider and a written report must be obtained at the time.
  • If you are admitted to hospital or you anticipate your medical expenses will exceed $2,000, you must contact the 24 hour emergency assistance team as soon as possible.
  • When a claims incident arises, please also consider the Policy Conditions in the PDS.
Your responsibilities when making a claim

When you make a claim for incident cover, or legal liability, it’s important to remember your responsibilities. It’s vital that you:

  • Take safe and reasonable steps to prevent any further loss, damage or liability occurring
  • Report loss, damage or theft of your luggage to the Police, transport provider or any appropriate authority within 7 days of each incident taking place, obtaining written proof of the report the lost, damaged or stolen items must be listed in the report)
  • Give Cover-More any information or assistance they require to investigate and process your claim, such as Police reports, declarations or evidence of ownership
  • Don’t pay or promise to pay for a claim, or admit responsibility for a claim – for Cover-More to help you properly, you must give them your rights to claim from third parties
  • Allow Cover-More to conduct, defend or settle any legal action – you must not do anything which prevents them from doing this – to do the best job on your behalf, they will need your full co-operation at every stage

Can we help you?

Need help with a claim? Relax, we’re here to help. If you require assistance at any stage in the process, simply call 1300 889 573 (or +61 2 8907 5051) or email

Find out more and get in touch.

To find out more and discuss your travel insurance needs, please call 1300 889 573 and one of our friendly advisors will be happy to assist. Our handy travel checklist may also be useful when planning your next trip away.