How does AccessGap work?

Australian doctors can nominate to opt in or out of AccessGap. That means that if you choose an AccessGap doctor, you're likely to have lower out-of-pocket costs. It's therefore advisable to ask each doctor or specialist if they will treat you under our AccessGap arrangement. To be eligible for AccessGap Cover the doctor/s must be willing to participate for your particular surgery and the account must be lodged directly with HIF (not Medicare).

Use our new and improved search option to find your nearest AccessGap doctor.

Powered by Healthshare, our new online search enables HIF Members to find registered gap scheme practitioners by name, location, specialty or sub-specialty. Once located, you can then access up-to-date information at a provider level, such as special interests, languages spoken, the ability to take urgent appointments and even patient ratings; any of which may be important considerations when planning a consultation or surgery. 

Find an AccessGap Specialist

This search functionality has been provided to HIF by Healthshare
Please note that benefits may be payable for services provided by doctors who are not included on the search below. 
Please contact us if you cannot identify the doctor or specialist you are seeking.

Want to know your benefit in advance? Request a medical estimate prior to receiving treatment.

Before undergoing any hospital treatment, we strongly recommend that you complete our online Medical Estimate Form (or call us on 1300 134 060) to receive a rebate estimate so you know exactly what your gap, if any, might be.

Key questions to ask your doctor:

  • Will you treat me under AccessGap cover?
  • Will I have any out-of-pocket expenses, and if so, can you provide a written estimation of how much?
  • Will any assisting doctors also use AccessGap Cover and if so, how can I obtain a quote for their services?
  • Are you prepared to send your bill directly to HIF?
  • Am I having a surgically implanted device or prosthesis?
  • Will I have to pay a gap?

If you have any queries about AccessGap or need expert assistance, please call us on 1300 134 060 or email