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Ali Hayek HIF

Meet Ali, one of our Contact Centre Team Leaders. Within only 9 months he has already been promoted to Team Leader and transformed his Contact Centre Team. Ali loves the outdoors (but not in the winter) and he's passionate about his team and the value they add. However, whatever you do, don’t give him an unpeeled peach!

"What an incredible 9 months it's been. When I was interviewing for the Team Leader role back in September 2016 I was asked, "Why HIF?" I heard great things about the place from former colleagues who had joined and honestly, I felt it was too good to be true! But seriously, I can hand on heart say I love working for this passionate health fund.

The staff engagement, focus on career development and continued commitment to members is unreal. I can prove this... I was not successful in my first interview; at the time there was another candidate that scored higher. However they didn’t want to lose me... their words not mine! I am persistent and ambitious, so the thought of joining HIF as a Customer Service Representative was not an issue for me as quietly, I was confident that if I showed my worth, HIF would reward me and the leadership role would happen soon enough.

Now, I am working alongside that other candidate and together we are kicking goals!

Outside of HIF? My life is probably just like everyone elses but in no particular order it’s something like: wake up, eat, work, eat, work, eat. Once I’m home I’ll do anything to waste time and drag out what I can before having to head to the gym. Then I will repeat the above steps for the rest of the week. No secrets with me, except I hate unpeeled peaches.

Getting the right people on board is key for HIF and our members, so if I was to give any advice to any prosperous leaders or potential candidates I would encourage them to have a positive attitude, challenge the status quo and listen to what your team have to say. Staff engagement goes a long way and it will only reflect on the service we give to our members. Day to day I am enthusing my team, helping confused or upset members and thinking about how tomorrow can be better than today.

Of course, I think my team is the best as they really do care about one another and they understand how they contribute to HIF’s success – but it’s not a competition (it is really).

What excites me the most is the future of my team and HIF. Although I know my career has only just started here at HIF. Knowing I will be part of a growing family that cares about the employees with an ever growing member base, it would be silly not to say the future is looking pretty bright!"

Ali Hayek HIF

Ali Hayek

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