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Meet Jason who started his journey at HIF four and a half years ago. He began assisting our members in the Contact Centre as a Customer Service Representative. In November 2016, Jason was successfully appointed through an external competitive process for the role of "Customer Experience Team Leader". In this article, you can read all about Jason’s HIF story, success and secrets.

"I've been working with HIF for around four and a half years now. I started off as a Customer Service Representative in the Contact Centre and in November 2016, I was promoted to Customer Experience Team Leader. 

We've recently implemented a rotation at HIF, which has allowed all Customer Experience Team Leaders across the business to learn new expertise, nurture a new team and develop our management skills across different departments. The ultimate goal, which is more than clear now, is to create consistency across our main focus – Member Experience. 

At HIF everyone is different. We have a range of personalities, nationalities and quirkiness which makes each day so fun. The one thing that is consistent however, is that everyone is always so friendly and willing to help.

My journey so far at HIF has been constantly evolving. The best bit for me so far was moving into our brand spanking new office. What I am most looking forward though, is the future of HIF. I think one of the reasons I chose HIF is because you are not a number like in the bigger companies, you are part of something – I can’t explain it.

Outside of work I love my sport and movies and of course my food. I'm 6'4", so I need refuelling quite often. Not many people know this but I do love a bit of badminton on the weekends so if you don’t find me eating, watching sport or movies you will most definitely see me on court as I am taller than the nets.

Given that HIF organically grow, I do often get asked what it takes to be a successful leader at HIF. I always tell them that service is number one and that should be natural, but everything else you need to prepare for and never make assumptions."

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