How much can I claim for dental each year?

IMPORTANT: Before commencing any dental treatment, please contact us with full details of the necessary dental service (as provided by the dentist) and we'll provide you with an estimate of your benefit. Alternatively, you can complete our online dental beneift estimate form. If you are an existing HIF member you can also log-in to our Online Member Centre to obtain an accurate dental estimate.

General Dental
 Basic ExtrasValue ExtrasSimple ExtrasEssential ExtrasAdvanced ExtrasTop Extras
Annual Limit per person$400$750$600$1,250*$1,000No limit
Annual Limit per policy$800No limit$1,200No limitNo limitNo limit
Major Dental
Annual Limit per personNot includedNot included$600$1,250*$1,000$1,500
Annual Limit per policyNot includedNot included$1,200No limitNo limitNo limit
Annual Limit per personNot includedNot includedNot included$1,250*$800 $1,000 
Annual Limit per policyNot includedNot includedNot includedNo limitNo limitNo limit
Lifetime LimitNot includedNot includedNot included$1,250^$2,000^$2,500^
*Combined limit for General Dental, Major Dental and Orthodontics
^The Orthodontic limit is a lifetime limit and forms part of the overall annual limit.

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Please note:

  • Benefits towards orthodontic treatment (including payment plans) are not payable if treatment has commenced prior to joining HIF. Please refer to your product factsheet.
  • Refunds are paid only on accounts rendered by a registered Dentist or Dental Prosthetist. The Dentist or Dental Prosthetist must be in private practice.
  • Benefits for replacement dentures and partial dentures are not paid within three years of previous supply.
  • There are some items within item code ranges for which the fund does not pay a benefit, or if they are performed with another item in the same course of treatment.
  • Limits apply to the number of times some items, such as bleaching attract a rebate.
  • Dental Prosthetists are allowed to perform a limited range of services for benefit purposes.
  • Waiting periods apply, please see product factsheets for more detail.
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